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Nabemono ataupun kalau omputihnya dipanggil quick-cooked stews ni selalu dimakan pada musim sejuk especially masa akhir autumn and winter months. Bahan2nya termasuk la seafood, chicken, meat and/or vegetables. Nabemono ni ader banyak jenis, depending on the ingredients used. Oysters, scallops, cod, salmon, and chicken merupakan main ingredients yg popular. Chanko-nabe , a variety made with chicken, seafood, potatoes, and other vegetables, is the staple diet of Japan's sumo wrestlers. Nak masak nabemono ni, ader caranya. Fish, prawns, and various mushrooms and fungi should be added first, pasal depa ni amik masa paling lama untuk dimasak. Very crisp vegetables, such as carrots, can also be added at this stage. Seasonings such as scallions, grated radish, and red pepper are added to your own private dish of ponzu-tare (a citrus-flavored soy-based dip) rather than to the communal pot. Ingredients yg lain such as tofu and chrysanthemum leaves should be cooked just before you eat them. Nabemono ni selalu dimakan bersama nasik or udon noodles. Makan nabemono ramai2 best wooo!!