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Oden is a very simple stew made by simmering fish dumplings, fried tofu, eggs, and vegetables like daikon  (white radish), potatoes, kelp, transparent cakes made from kon'nyaku (devil's tongue starch..uhuhh!!), mushroom, etc in a kelp-based stock for several hours. Ianya memang popular especially ketika musim sejuk. Selalunya ader banyak yatai (sidewalk stalls) yg menjual oden di tepi jalan dekat dengan eki or other entertainment districts, selain yatai ramen, takoyaki dan lain2nya pada waktu malam. Sidewalk stalls usually feature a tiny counter with four or five stools and a portable stove for heat. Customers can choose their favorite fish cakes and other ingredients from a large serving pot, and wash them down with beer or sake while keeping warm around the stove. Selain tu, kalau nak makan oden bleh gak pegi ke other restaurants and even convenience stores pun ader jual gak.